Archaeo-Trekking in Canne della Battaglia

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  • 14 km
  • + 114 m | - 114 m
  • medium

This itinerary is a trek to do on foot or by mountain bike around the hill of Canne della Battaglia, with departure and return from the parking lot of the archaeological park or from the station managed by the Comitato Pro Canne.

Right from the station, in correspondence with the excavations of the thermal baths of San Mercurio, you take a trail that crosses a small valley in which the fountain of San Ruggiero rises, and which then emerges, after a short climb, in the area of ​​the abandoned farm masseria Canne, near which it is possible to admire the menhir hidden among the olive trees. From here it is possible to further explore the territory to the west by continuing along a dirt road that leads to the trulli of Canne and to the water reservoir (in the area there is also the farm masseria La Boccuta and the sanctuary of San Ruggiero surrounded by a beautiful avenue of pines). Instead, to the east of the Canne hill, there is a suggestive passage under the seven-light bridge of the Barletta-Spinazzola railway in the direction of the roadman’s house (future Park’s Hub) and the plain of the Ofanto river where the famous battle between Hannibal and the Romans took place August 2nd 216 b.C.. 

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