The Grain Route from Lucania to the Tavoliere

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  • 35 km
  • + 230 m | - 400 m
  • expert

The itinerary connects the Vulture area to the ‘granary’ of the Tavoliere and from the Lavellese plateau offers a view over the immense plain and the hamlets of Camarda, the Marchesa, Alvano. From Lavello, the itinerary goes along the strada delle carrozze, a dirt road along which fountains and the rural chapel of Hope meet, up to Gaudiano, a reclamation village in the Ofanto valley.

After crossing the river, the border between Basilicata and Puglia, near Moschella, the itinerary continues along the main axis of the Ofanto cycle path up to the sanctuary of Ripalta, and from here takes the traditional “via crucis” which leads to Cerignola up to at the Piano delle Fosse (Pits’ Plan), an extremely important testimony of the material culture of the “land of work” of the Tavoliere and the Foggia area (Foggia derives its name from ‘fovea’, Latin for pit). And, right next to the Piano delle Fosse, stands the mural dedicated to Giuseppe Di Vittorio (1892-1957), a trade unionist from Cerignola, who became symbol of the struggles of Apulian peasants and the workers from all over the world “for bread and freedom”.



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