Not only by bike

Thanks to the mild climate of the Mediterranean, you can experience the territory of the Ofanto all year round, especially in spring and autumn.

Open-air activities

Along the Ofanto, you can practice a whole range of outdoor activities, not only walking and cycling, but also climbing (Parco delle Cave di Cafiero), canoeing (CanoAufidus association) and bird watching (Casa di Ramsar in Trinitapoli).

Landscape and historical trains

The event of “The historic train for the archeology and the environment of the Valle d’Ofanto”, which took place over the years with growing success with the public, demonstrated the potential of the Barletta-Spinazzola railway with its seventy kilometers that connect the Adriatic Sea with the Alta Murgia. The Comitato Italiano Pro Canne della Battaglia and has basis at the railway station of Canne della Battaglia.

In the Ofanto Valley, there is also another historical train operated by the FS Foundation, the Avellino – Rocchetta Sant’Antonio railway.

Park’s agriturismi and educational farms

This unique landscape has favored the development of numerous wineries and educational farms (masserie didattiche) open to visitors for tastings and educational and experiential workshops on beekeeping, land art and much more. The structures are listed on the route map.