The Way of the Sacred Woods

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  • 60 km
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Among woods, springs and gorges, at the origin of the cult of the Forest Madonnas

The gorges (it. valloni) count as one of the most unexplored environments of the Ofanto park. These wooded furrows dug by the streams that descend from the Apennines and the Murgia act as a hinge between the wildest part of the valley and the alluvial plain. They are the habitat of rare species such as the southern spectacled salamander (Salamandrina Tergiditata) and the Italic Frog.

They hide springs and ancient fountains. These are the woods where, according to popular legends, the so-called MadonNe Arboree appeared to shepherds, brigands and peasants. The Virgin as a symbol of the Mother Nature and the forest as a place to seek her …