SECTION 1: Rocchetta Sant’Antonio – Cerignola

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  • 40 km
  • + 359 m | - 472
  • expert

From the Monti Dauni into the depth of the Tavoliere’s flatland

The first stage of the Apulian route begins in a scenario on the three borders between Campania, Basilicata and Apulia, leaving behind – on the one hand – the unmistakable shape of the extinct Vulture volcano and – on the other – the green mountains of Irpinia. The route starts from the Santa Venere bridge, near the Rocchetta Sant’Antonio-Lacedonia station. The station was in the past one of the most important railway hubs in the South: today only the Foggia – Potenza regional line still passes through it, but it was connected on one side to Spinazzola and on the other to Avellino, the latter line recently recovered as a tourist service by the FS Foundation. The cycle route runs along provincial roads with medium traffic with a first uphill stretch close to Candela and then continues downhill past a far and wide horizon of wheat fields until Borgo Moschella.