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A treasure of nature between wood and resurgences

The springs of the Locone can be identified in a series of engraved valleys furrowed by resurgences, called Vallone Ulmeta. The site has great faunal importance due to the presence of very rare amphibian species, including the Apennine frog (Rana italica); in particular, it is the only Apulian station outside the Dauni Mountains where the Spectacled Salamander (Salamandrina terdigitata) is present. With regard to mammals, the site appears as an area of ​​presence and transit of wolf populations coming from Basilicata; the area is also important for the presence of some interesting invertebrate species such as the Melanargia arge butterfly, the Southern Guardaruscello dragonfly (Cordulogaster trinacrie), the Callimorpha quadripunctata butterfly.

Of great importance are the forest formations present along the valleys, which represent residues of the original forests that must have covered the Bradanic pit before being cultivated.