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The capital of ancient Apulia holds an important archaeological treasure and some of the largest hypogea in Italy. From the top of the north-western slopes of the Murgia, Canosa dominates the whole Ofanto Valley and the plains of the Tavoliere.

Canosa is a walk through history, from¬† the ancient center to its countryside, every age has left traces and treasures scattered throughout the territory. The ideal starting point is the Byzantine Cathedral of San Sabino, the heart of the town, together with the Mausoleum of Boemondo d’Altavilla and the Basilica of Santa Sofia near the Villa Comunale. From the center of the village, you slip underground to visit the precious hypogea, including the Lagrasta. Traces of the Roman passage are the Trajan’s bridge over the Ofanto, the amphitheater, the Barbarossa and Bagnoli mausoleums, and the monuments along the Via Traiana such as the Arch of Terenzio Varrone. The excavations of San Pietro, the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the Basilica of San Leucio belong instead to the early Christian period.

The excellent red wine, recognized with the Doc brand since 1979, is also a piece of history.