Minervino Murge

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Minervino Murge is a panoramic town that, from its 500 m above sea level, offers an exceptional view of the Ofanto Valley, Alta Murgia and the nearby Basilicata.

The heart of the old town is the Scesciola, a fascinating labyrinth of tangled streets and tuff arches, overlooked by the ancient houses with white facades. In Piazza Bovio, the Renaissance profile of the Cathedral of the Assumption stands out, with the Bishop’s Palace and the bell tower, while, a little further on, there are elegant architectures such as the baronial palace or Castle.

At the foot of the town, carved into the rock by the small rivers of the area, the Cave of San Michele has been an important place of worship for more than a thousand years, once thought to be dedicated to Minerva (hence the town’s toponym). Famous and tasty is the cardoncello mushroom, a gastronomic symbol of the city, celebrated in the traditional festival at the end of October.

In the countryside, from the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sabato, following the wine route, you reach the Locone lake.