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Montemilone is a small town with very ancient origins. In its countryside there are the remains of the Roman aqueduct that brought water to the nearby city of Canosa. The Roman presence in the area can be testified with certainty thanks to the presence of archaeological finds dating back to the 2nd century AD. Its territory was also interested by the presence of Basilian monks, who left traces in the sanctuary Santuario della Gloriosa, also commonly known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco which still today dominates the Valle dei Greci, that is the Basilian monks coming from the West.

Various architectures surprise the visitor of Montemilone. The fountains are numerous and characteristic, distributed between the town and the countryside.

Once in Montemilone, you cannot miss a walk through the narrow streets of the “Fronzone”, just below the town’s mother church. This is the oldest quarter that will fascinate thanks to its old peasant houses, some of which still have the floors of wooden beams and reeds. In October you can’t miss the sausage festival.