Rocchetta Sant’Antonio

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A splendid village in the province of Foggia, Rocchetta “la Romantica” overlooks a strategic hill on the three borders of Apulia, Campania and Basilicata. The symbol of the village is the Sixteenth-century castle built by Ladislao D’Aquino, with a shape that recalls the prow of a ship, embellished with a tower and ingenious defense systems. The fortress stands upon the ancient center, a picturesque maze of stone-paved alleys, overlooked by the Eighteenth-century Chiesa Matrice, a treasure trove of works of undisputed value, such as the paintings by Scognamiglio, Giaquinto and Brudaglio.

From the center, a wide network of paths lead to the rural areas, among archaeological remains, churches and rupestrian monasteries, such as the Abbey of Santa Maria in Giuncarico, immersed in the Bosco dell’Annunziata, the Regio Tratturo di Pescasseroli and areas rich in flora and fauna along the Ofanto river. Fireworks take place in the celebrations of Saint Anthony, honored by the many bonfires, and of the Virgin of the Well, carried in procession among the stubble.