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On the western side of the Murge, Spinazzola is a natural terrace surrounded by deciduous woods, crossed by springs and dotted with fountains and farms.

Framed by the remains of a medieval wall, the historic center of Spinazzola is embellished with important civil architecture, such as the first Templar hospital in Puglia, built in 1100. 

Just outside the town, the ruins of the Garagnone fascinate, an ancient medieval castle, now immersed in a breathtaking landscape of red earth and ears of wheat. Entering the Alta Murgia National Park, you will find the railway bridge with 21 arches, the bauxite and the Grottelline quarries, and finally the Cavone wood. Spinazzola is also home to the natural reserve of the valleys, one of which (Ulmeta) is an integral part of the Ofanto River Park, these are wooded furrows full of springs and fountains ideal for a walk starting from the historic center of the town.

Spinazzola is the right place to taste the famous knife-tip sausage, an ancient production sausage obtained from prized parts of pork.